Bugly makes do-it-yourself pest control simple and safe

Do your own pest control with natural insecticides

Purchase everything you need — simple, safe home pest control delivered to your door.

Get no-mix, natural pest control treatments scheduled for the seasons where you live.

Do-it-yourself pest control is ready when you are — no scheduling, no waiting, no strangers in your home.

Bugly Is Pest Control Made Simple. Here’s How:


We make do-it-yourself pest control easy. You can purchase everything you need, from equipment to Bugly treatments.


Because you care about your family and pets, your pest control must be safe pest control. We worked with a doctor specializing in neurotoxins to create natural pest control treatments.


Do your own pest control when you want. No calling around and scheduling service. No waiting for a technician to show. No letting a stranger (and who knows what else) into your home.


We put our products through rigorous field-testing by insect scientists to make sure Bugly treatments really kill bugs and keep your home pest free.

What to Expect When You Purchase
Do-It-Yourself Pest Control from Bugly

Bugly is here to make pest control as simple as it is safe. We explain what you can expect with Bugly pest control here.

With Bugly, you can do as good a job as any pest pro. While you might want to call in a pro to knock down a wasp nest, you can eliminate insects, spiders, and other common pests on your own with the right pest control treatments and tools.


And you can rest assured you aren’t exposing your family and pets to harmful neurotoxins and harsh chemicals when you use our pleasant smelling natural pest control treatments.

How can I best do my own pest control?

What is natural pest control?

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