What is Bugly all about

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Bugly was designed to change how homeowners and commercial businesses once viewed the pest control industry. Right now, there are only two ways to take care of your pest problems! You can walk into your nearest big box store and grab the spray can with the scariest looking pest on it and hope it takes care of your problem. You also might research pest control companies, look at reviews, call the company of your choosing, wait for them, and give them a lot of your hard-earned money. Then you begin to wonder, how effective is my can of bug spray, and is it safe for my home and family? You may also wonder what your pest control company is spraying in and around your home. There has to be a more reliable and more effective way to keep the bugs away! That is why we developed the Bugly Formula.

Bugly was developed at its core with Pest Management Professionals at the helm (PMP) from its leadership team to medical doctors. What does this mean? It’s a professional-grade product that is better at protecting your home and family. Never again will you pay BIG MONEY and then must wait for a person to show up or go to the store. We take all the frustration out of pest control.

There is no frustrating or confusing contracts or membership! Professional products delivered to your door each month with step by step instructions! Oh, and did we mention that it’s safer for your family?!

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