How Bugly Got Started: Inspiring DIY Pest Control

We created Bugly to bring you our decades of professional pest control experience, along with our commitment to safe, natural DIY pest control.

As entrepreneurs who have created and sold a number of businesses in the home services sector, we watch trends. More people want to take care of their own homes. And they want pest control that is safer for their families and pets.

Advances in equipment make applying pest control treatments easier. What was missing were effective, dependable products that were safe to handle and simple to apply.

That is where Bugly comes in.


Natural DIY Pest Control That’s Safe and Simple

We had the idea for natural pest control treatments that would be both safe and effective for you to do your own pest control.

Professional pest control companies don’t like to use natural pest control because it just isn’t profitable. Harsh chemicals that stay potent even in hard rains and direct sun are cheap to apply. You can charge a customer for 12 months of service but only have to apply chemicals a few times a year.

Natural treatments wash harmlessly away, which is a good thing. But you do have to apply them regularly — and that eats into the companies’ profits.

Bugly has been formulated to be longer lasting. And if you apply treatments on a regular basis, you will keep bugs away. Regular application of Bugly natural pest control treatments is better than coating your home in long-lasting toxins.

We invested as much time in designing the equipment as we did in formulating the treatments. Together they are a DIY pest control system that is simple and trouble-free. And very effective.

Creating Natural Pest Control Formulas that Work

We worked with a formulation team that included a medical doctor specializing in neurotoxins, leading experts in natural insecticides, insect scientists, and pest management professionals. Over the course of two years, we tested dozens of formulations, measuring them against benchmarks for effectiveness and safety.

We tested numerous application tools, looking for durability and ease-of-use—while ensuring that every component is recyclable. The result is green DIY pest control that is tough on bugs, but safe for your home environment and everything in it.

The Future of Natural Home Pest Control

We are pleased to bring natural home pest control to the do-it-yourself market.  Our research and development have not stopped, as we are testing a variety of supportive treatments to go with our DIY pest control service. Watch this space as we launch advancements and innovations. If you have suggestions or comments, let us know.

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