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The big-headed ant is known for taking over your lawn even kicking out the ferocious fire ant in the process. This ant is considered one of the most invasive insects in the world, conquering entire blocks if permitted, so it’s important to keep this critter out of your lawn.

The common wolf spider can reach lengths of 2 inches but more often you will find the smaller versions venturing into your home. These spiders will bite with a venomous bite when provoked. The venom is mostly mild but care should be taken with children and the elderly. Since these spiders always carry their young, there are known for releasing an explosion of young when threatened.

The house centipede appears to be a menacing monster with hundreds of terrible legs. But in reality, there are more likely to quickly skirmish away in fear from you. In some cases, they can be helpful to keep other insects away. Nevertheless, you can use Bugly to keep them outside the house.

The common field cricket is one of those insects that make its presence known once it has invaded your home. Its relentless chirping can drive anyone insane but with us keeping these critters away will be a cinch.

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