Fire Ant

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Fire ants favor warm, sunny climates and are very common in the southern United States. Their mounds can grow up to 48 inches in diameter and 14 inches high. These colonies usually contain at least one queen and several hundred thousand workers. 

Their Sting

Fire Ants actually use a stinger on their abdomen to inject their venom. They only bite to hold on as they sting. Fire ants stings are very painful for most humans and can cause fatalities in others

To avoid stings outside the home, be observant where you step, if you see a fire ant mound, keep an eye on the ground to watch for ant activity as you will see them trailing to and from the mound.

Signs of Fire Ant 

The most common sign of fire ant activity is the worker ants that you may see trailing around the exterior of your home. If you inspect your yard you may find their earth mounds that are built from excavating theirs underground tunnels.

What do they eat?

Fire ants are omnivorous consuming meats, greasy and sweet materials. Fire ants are omnivores, meaning they will feed on animal or vegetable sources of food. Generally, fire ants readily consume dead animals

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