House Centipede

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House centipede behavior

House centipedes are nocturnal, meaning they are active at night.  Their long antenna allows them to hunt for prey. House centipede antenna are so sensitive they can pick up smells as well as vibrations and other sensations. 

Why are house centipedes in my house?

House centipedes are believed to originated from the Mediterranean and prefer warm tropical climates However, they are very adaptable and can survive in almost any climate. They are more likely to enter homes in colder climates. The house centipede eyes are very sensitive to light, so more than likely they will find a place to hide during the day. Most likely house centipedes will be found in your basements, bathrooms and other areas that get wet and humid. It is also entirely possible for your average house centipede to live its entire life on the bottom floor of a building, eating insects.

How do house centipedes get inside?

House centipedes will seek out a place that is warm and where they can hide and seek prey. They will get in under doors, through cracks and crevices, utility lines and other small openings.  You can dust these openings with the Bugly dust. So, make sure that sweeps on doors are without holes and go all the way to the pavement. Ensure screens are fixed and that cracks in foundations are sealed.

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