House Crickets

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The house crickets is named for the simple fact that it often enters homes where they seem to survive indefinitely. They can also enter in large numbers under the right conditions.

The adults  are light yellow-brown with 3 dark crossbands on the head and are about 7/8” inch in length

During warm weather months, house crickets will typically live outdoors. They often enter the home looking for moisture; this is a common theme with pests. When the house cricket gets into your house, they’ll usually hide in dark warm places during the day.

House crickets like to chew on fabrics – silk, wool, cotton, and synthetic products. Laundry rooms basements can be common locations within the home. 

Crickets are nocturnal insects, you typically won’t hear or see them during the day. The male cricket will rub its wings together making a  distinct chirping sound that can become very annoying. The male’s “calling song” is meant to attract female crickets.

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