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The ghost ant is an extremely small, translucent and pale ant which tends to vanish against its background, hence its name. They tend to gravitate toward location where larger amounts of water are located. Their appearance can also suggest a moisture/water issue within your home.

Acrobat ants are known for being able to raise their heart shape end (thorax). They can emit a smell when they are provoked and can bite. They are generally considered harmless. Once inside your home, they can colonize within your walls.

The American Roach is an African native that migrated to the states around 1625. It is considered the second most popular Roach beside the German cockroach. They are larger than their German brethren and tend to live in moist areas.


The wood cockroach is slightly smaller than the American cockroach. Unlike their brethren, they won’t skirmish to the nearest exit when you turn on the light which can be disturbing. Fortunately, wood cockroaches mainly reside in the outdoors but they can wander into your home.

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