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The common wolf spider can reach lengths of 2 inches but more often you will find the smaller versions venturing into your home. These spiders will bite with a venomous bite when provoked. The venom is mostly mild but care should be taken with children and the elderly. Since these spiders always carry their young, there are known for releasing an explosion of young when threatened.

The Pharoah ant is erroneously named after famous Egyptian plagues. These small yellow or light brown ants are particularly hard to get rid of once they are established inside your home

German Cockroaches are those nasty bugs you see that flee to the nearest exit when you turn on the light. This common roach can be particular difficult into get rid off when they have settled in your home. With bugly you will no longer suffer from their presence.

The infamous Black Widow is particularly well identified by its blood-red hourglass emblem on its back. Red is often, in nature, used to tell others to stay back or pay the consequences. This spider venomous bite is fifteen times stronger than a rattlesnake. Surprisingly, fatalities are few and most humans will only suffer nausea, muscle ache and some difficulty breathing. Best to keep away from children and the elderly.

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