Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Will Soon Be on Its Way to You

Additional Bugly Equipment

Just in case you like to have extra gear


Web Brush

Our commercial-grade web brush is perfect for getting to those hard to reach areas, like cobwebs, old wasp nest, carpenter bee holes, and other pest debris.



These shatterproof polycarbonate lenses with a convenient one-piece lens design are perfect for the application of our professional pest control system.

Professional Sprayer

This professional grade sprayer makes it easy to apply our natural pest control solutions inside and outside your home.

Hand Duster

The duster uses gentle air pressure to push insecticide dust deep into cracks and crevices where insects and spiders hide.

Additional Bugly Formulas

Just in case you like to have extra formulas

Indoor Formula

Formulated to kill common household pests, the natural ingredients have a pleasant smell, and will not stain walls, floors, or furniture. It is safe to use around your children and pets.

Dust Formula

Our finely blended powders kill pests three ways. As pests walk through the dust, it gets on their bodies. They then ingest it, where it works as an internal abrasive. The dust contains desiccants that dry out insect bodies. Lastly, lethal — yet natural — compounds finish them off.


Outdoor Formula

This potent formula creates an invisible barrier around the exterior of your home that repels and leaves a lasting residue that stops common pests from entering.

We are committed to making do-it yourself pest control as simple and safe as possible.

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