Bugs Southwest

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The fire ant is a south American insect known for its aggressive nature. Their sting and venom have been known to kill small animals and in some rare cases humans.

Millipedes are long worm-like creatures that move about with what appears to be thousands of legs, hence the name. These pest might emit a small amount a fluid which can irritate your skin but are mostly harmless.

German Cockroaches are those nasty insects you see that scurry to the nearest exit when you turn on the light. This common roach can be particularly difficult to get rid of when they have settled in your home. With Bugly you will no longer suffer from their presence.

The common domestic house spider is, for the most part, a harmless bug. Nevertheless, these fast and agile spiders will show up from dark crevices and scare the missus with their menacing look.  They are mildly venomous but rarely bite humans.

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