Wolf Spider

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The common wolf spider can reach lengths of 2 inches but more often you will find the smaller versions venturing into your home. These spiders will bite with a venomous bite when provoked. The venom is mostly mild but care should be taken with children and the elderly. Since these spiders always carry their young, there are known for releasing an explosion of young when threatened.


Wolf spiders actively hunt during the night and usually rest in sheltered places during the day. They are fast on their feet and pursue prey. Because of these habits, wolf spiders are commonly seen by people.


Wolf spiders may enter structures in search of prey. Although they are not inclined to be permanent residents in structures, they often stay once inside. Indoors, wolf spiders tend to remain at or near floor level, especially along walls and under furniture. Outside, wolf spiders can be found under stones, landscape timbers, firewood, leaves, and other debris.


Because wolf spiders feed on a variety of insects, including crop pests, they can be beneficial. Wolf spiders can bite, but it’s extremely rare to experience a wolf spider bite unprovoked. They will only bite if they are handled. The presence of wolf spiders in homes is usually accidental.

Wolf Spider Prevention

To get rid of wolf spiders, seal cracks on the outside of the home and use screens on doors and windows. You can also place glue traps where the wolf spiders have been seen in order to remove them from the home.

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