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Service program optimized for your home.

Service Program Description:

Our Program provides you with the tools to properly maintain your own regiment of pest control using our unique professional formulas with the proper equipment to do the job right!

Shipment Details (Initial Delivery Includes): ( Click link below to learn more about each item )

1 Starter kit shipment
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Our high-grade quality sprayer will be more than up to task for your use of our professional liquid pest formula. This sprayer is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use and will provide you with years of service.

Essential for getting into the crack and crevices that insects will crawl into, Including walls, floorboards and between plumbing fixtures. Turn it upside for a light spray or use it normally for the heavy-duty applications.

These shatterproof polycarbonate lenses with a convenient one-piece lens design are perfect for application of our professional pest control system

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Indoor Formula

Our Indoor Formula

Specially blended to kill all common household pests. It has a pleasant smell and is stain-free and our professional mixed formula is safe to use around your house with kids and pets too!

Outdoor Formula

Our Outdoor Formula

Our strong professional blend of ingredients is potent enough to create an invisible fence around your home and yet safe enough to keep in your garage without any worries.

Dust Formula

Our Dust Formula

For those crack and crevices where does pesky little insect like to hide. Use our provided hand duster to conveniently apply dust into those hard to reach areas.
Following shipments:

Followed by periodic maintenance shipments
See Choices below.

From here on out, we will guide through your maintenance program. We will consistently send you our professional maintenance formula. So that you can keep those nasty bugs away and keep your family safe from those creepy crawlers. Doing it in an effective, efficient and safe manner.

Add a Web Brush

Our commercial-grade web brush is perfect for getting to those hard to reach areas, like cobwebs, old wasp nest, carpenter bee holes, and other pest debris. 

Choose Your Plan

Monthly Bugly Plan

Professional Blend
$ 19
/ Month
12 shipments a year
  • To ensure the best results based on your location and pest pressure,
    The following plan is recommended.

  • Start your program with only an initial fee of $59.99
  • Shipping is always free
  • Plan updates and renews automatically
  • Cancel at any time

Every Other Month Bugly Plan

Professional Blend
$ 9
/ Month
6 shipments a year
  • If your pest pressure index is low or you currently have control,
    EOM service is a great way to keep it that way.

  • Start your program with only an initial fee of $59.99
  • Shipping is always free
  • Plan updates and renews automatically
  • Cancel at any time

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